Fully Managed Search Engine Marketing

Whether you employ an in-house marketing team or not, there is no argument that a highly specialised team with a solid strategy should be able to improve your Search Engine Marketing results.

We guarantee to deliver high-quality leads SEM to your business, or we work for you for free.

Why Choose AdWords Work To Manage Your SEM Campaigns:

Advertising in Search is a unique form of digital marketing. Most agencies setup basic campaigns, aimed only at driving traffic – and the results from that traffic are often dependant on your business.

At AdWords Work, we take your campaign performance personally – working with you to analyse your target market, your competitors, your product & service offerings, your unique selling propositions, and your marketing communication, to deliver campaigns that don’t just capture traffic; they set your business apart from your competitors, and give your prospects a real reason to buy from you.

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Performance Over Profit

We guarantee to deliver high quality leads from your target market clients within 8 weeks - or we continue to work for free until your clicks convert into leads.

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Freedom From Obligation

You don't need to be locked into unnecessary contractual advertising. Performance speaks volumes, so contracts are not required for our clients.

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Weekly Reporting

Receive communication and performance reports every single Monday. Your reports focus on conversions, not just traffic, giving you clear measurable results.

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Ongoing Split Testing

Get the most out of your campaign performance with continuous Ad Copy and Landing Page split testing, with monthly performance reviews & Landing Page updates.

Solid campaign planning and strategy is our strength. 

We work with your Chief Marketing Officer, marketing team, and business owner to help uncover and define your points of difference, and promote the key selling points your target market customers are craving.

This differentiates you from your competition in the SEM space – leading to higher conversion rates into high quality, measurable leads & enquiries that can be delivered in your reports to senior management.

The long-term benefit of successful Search Engine Marketing can be significant and unforeseen to your business.

Many of our clients have developed life-long business relationships and significant ongoing revenue from customers sourced specifically through through a single click on a Google or Bing Search Ad. 

Don’t underestimate the value of a single click for the continued growth of your business.

Agency Strengths

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Highly Strategic Campaign Structure

Your campaigns are built using a proven & tested structure, that increases Ad engagement through extremely relevant Ad content, and the use of strategic sales copy.

Deep Customer Targeting

We take a deep dive into your ideal target market client and implement advertising based on location, demographics, and detailed in-market customer segmentation data.

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Effective Landing Page Communication

To ensure maximum conversion rates, we work closely with your sales & marketing staff and management to ensure landing pages communicate directly with your prospects.

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Search Intent Targeting

Agencies rarely analyse or even understand search intent. Our strength is in the analysis and understanding of the levels of intent your prospects are searching with.

Campaigns Managed

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Google & Bing Search Campaigns

  • Capturing high-intent search traffic – people who are at the crucial point of the buying cycle where they are deciding who to take the next step with
  • Drive traffic to conversion-optimised Landing Pages on your website
  • Capture high quality leads

Remarketing Campaigns

  • Stay front of mind with people who have engaged with your advertising, or visited your website
  • Increase brand recall, trust, and consideration with potential customers
  • Drive an increase in conversions from customers who have built trust with your brand and business

Brand Awareness & Recall Campaigns

  • Increase your brand recall by advertising to your target market while they browse the internet
  • Place Ads on websites and Apps relevant to your target market
  • Finally, track the success of your Video advertising campaign success with in-depth reporting data

Outsource Your SEM To Our Professional Team

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AdWords Work is an Australian search engine marketing agency, providing SEM strategy and conversion rate optimisation consultancy to service businesses in the SME sector.

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