Search Engine Marketing Strategy For Business

If people are searching for the services you provide, it’s imperitive that your business stands out from your competitors at the crucial moment when your customers are deciding who to buy from.

We help you analyse the search advertising competition in your industry, and formulate a plan to become the most attractive business of choice for your new customers.

Why Choose AdWords Work For Your SEM Strategy:

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Separating You From Your Competitors

Most digital marketing agencies follow a cookie-cutter approach to search advertising. At AdWords Work, we understand that in 2020, advertising success comes from helping you separate from your competitors, not copy them.

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10x Results From Search Advertising

Campaigns that begin with the formulation of a quality strategy can see up to 10x the return of those without. It's not just about 'being found' in search results - it's about selling your why and communicating in your ideal client's language.

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Proven Strategy Development Process

We begin by helping you understand how your customer avatar searches, and their purchase intent. Your 'key selling points' are then developed, competitors analysed, and your point of difference at created to stand apart & convert

Why A Strategy Session Will Improve Your SEM Advertising Results:

Planning For Success

Often, SEM campaigns are setup in a rush with little thought put towards campaign strategy. With a well-planned strategy your campaign will hit your target market harder and out-perform the results your competitors are achieving.

Reduce Wasted Spend

A strategy session helps us identify what you want to target, and just as importantly, what you do not want to target. This can drastically reduce wasted advertising spend, and radically improve conversion rate results.

9 Steps To Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy:

  1. Detailed audit and analysis of your existing campaigns and Ads (if applicable)
  2. Full breakdown of your ideal target market customer, to identify how they search and what their common pain points are when searching with low, medium, or high purchase intent
  3. Analysis of potential volume of searches in your target market with high purchase intent
  4.  Professional keyword research to identify the appropriate search terms to advertise for, based on your campaign goals
  5. Advice on efficient campaign structures, and how your campaign should be built to maximise conversions from day 1
  6. Analysis of your competition in the search engine marketing space, and how your offering compares at the crucial moment they are making a purchasing decision
  7.  Advice on how to separate from your competitors in the search engine marketplace to increase Ad Engagement
  8. Detailed audit of your landing page structure and communication, with advice on maximising landing page conversions
  9. Advice on the best remarketing tactics to ensure you stay front-of-mind with your prospects, and drive repeat ad engagement and return website visits to maximise overall conversion results

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AdWords Work is an Australian search engine marketing agency, providing SEM strategy and conversion rate optimisation consultancy to service businesses in the SME sector.

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